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Communication and no templates: top 5 tricks to work during lockdown

Communication and no templates: top 5 tricks to work during lockdown

The world is not perfect, we are not perfect. Anastasia Magonova tells us about this in her column on MMR - Marketing Media Review:

A crisis is always unexpected, and the first natural reaction is to panic. Fear paralyzes, wreaks havoc on thoughts and actions. A desire to hide or, conversely, to imitate heavy activity, appears. The rhythm of life is knocked down, as well as the focus for achieving goals.

This is a dangerous funnel, and it can lead to the loss of what we have been working on for a long time. Therefore, in times of crisis, it is important to remember: fear makes no sense. It is always focused on the future, which only may happen, but you need to focus on the present moment.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused massive shock. Measures to reduce the spread of the disease have led to the severe recession in the global economy. But the thing that scares even more is loss of control over your own life. To be active and fight the fear of loss with real anti-crisis actions aimed at changing the attitude towards current circumstances - difficult, but possible.

My top 5 tricks on how not to fall into panic and chaos when everyone is in panic:

  1. Give up long-term strategies. Make decisions adaptively and in a moment. Your image among your partners and even competitors will not suffer if you act based on circumstances rather than try to convince them that nothing has changed for you.
  2. Avoid templates. In a situation of chaos they do not work as they do not allow quick reactions and manifestation of a leadership will. When something goes wrong, you need to respond to change immediately and communicate ad hoc, rejecting ordinary ways.
  3. Be sincere. Speak the truth about what is going on in your company. Your fears are not shame or weakness, but honesty and openness, perhaps even call for support. And it can be obtained from the most unexpected people or companies.
  4. Communicate. The best reaction in times of general confusion is not to attack or to explan, but to communicate. Don't be afraid to show your brand or your company just as it is at the moment.
  5. Change the vector of behavior and thinking at the same time. It is difficult and sometimes painful. There is a chance to seem weak. But quick action, demonstration of your commitment to public is your path to development and overcoming the crisis.

How to tame chaos and turn negative into positive

There are a lot of talks today about the role of a leader in sales growth or a company growth. But you need to be such a leader, not to seem one, otherwise people will quickly understand that "the king is naked". This, in turn, will lead to distrust of the business you represent or own. However, in crisis situations, more than ever, it is important to maintain the loyalty of partners, customers and your own employees.

In order not to undermine confidence in business, talk about your transformations and even losses. It's honest and not embarrassing. The trust index may even show growth, as well as brand loyalty.

By faking success in times of crisis, you cannot make people believe you are successful. Support comes to those who have real achievements.

Always be one step ahead during a crisis, try to anticipate demand and market changes, look for non-standard approaches and new ways of interaction. Think about those who you may join forces with to get out of a difficult situation. During an economic storm, the position of a winner is to stick with other strong people, not to shut out the world.

In times of crisis, the main thing is to have one’s own “pack”. What does it mean? The Pack means responsible and strong-minded people you can rely on. This is your team that you have worked well with. To form and keep a strong team, you need to show perseverance and resilience every day. Only then worthy people will become your "pack". So, at Magonova & Partners we work 24/7 with full dedication, we are not afraid of large-scale projects, we are able to overcome fear, fatigue and chaos. Our team always strive for results and is ready for challenges. An unwavering desire to learn and gain experience are the things that should characterize you and your pack. These qualities, coupled with team support, will help you not only to withstand the crisis, but even to turn the situation in your favor.

Firm character develops business acumen as well, these are interrelated features. Try to understand a complicated and uncertain future as you do with a task, do not be afraid to weigh ahead the consequences of your choice for all parties.

During my career I realized the following: when motivation subsides and self-control fails it is the firmness of character that helps to achieve goals.

In upcoming publications I will talk about tools that can help you to survive lockdowns, as well as about PR of state companies.