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On November 8 and 9, 2019, Kyiv International Economic Forum, the largest economic event in Ukraine, took place. Magonova & Partners was and still is the Forum's press service, providing communication and media support. Preparation for the Forum and implementation of the communication strategy in 2019 lasted 5 months.

Kyiv International Economic Forum is a permanent discussion platform aimed at forming a strategy for Ukraine's economic development. Through the dialogue of experts, business and government, the KIEF forms a roadmap for development and facilitates the conversion of expert ideas into real actions. Annually the Forum brings together 2000 participants, more than 120 speakers from more than 30 countries.

Kyiv International Economic Forum’s mission is to develop a strategy for reforming the Ukrainian economy, which will be based on new approaches to education, science, development of priority sectors and "growth points" through the consolidation of business representatives, authorities and the expert community within the KIEF.

Situation: Having established itself in the Ukrainian market, the Forum enters the international level, occupying the niche of large-scale economic forums in Eastern Europe.

Objective: to provide the necessary media support at the Ukrainian and international levels for the formation and approval of a new positioning of the Forum, showing the qualitative and quantitative growth in the media coverage of the event.

Solution: a statement “KIEF – Davos of Eastern Europe” was chosen for the formation of a new image of the Forum. It allows building a communication campaign based on the reputation of the two sites and showing the scale using the designation of the geopolitical region.

The work on the Forum was carried out in the vector of the Ukrainian and foreign media markets.

Ukrainian media market:

1. Approval of partner programs with the top-100 Ukrainian media for a promotional campaign

2. Writing announcements, interviews, articles in the top 10 Ukrainian media

3. Creation of author's special projects with the involvement of the expertise of foreign speakers

4. Managing social networks of the Forum: Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, YouTube, LinkedIn

International media market:

1. Inviting journalists from leading international media: Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, The Economist, The Washington Post, BBC, Forbes, The Independent, Harvard Business Review, New York Times, Time, CNN, Fox News, Bloomberg, Reuters, etc. etc.

2. Conducting personal meetings and interviews with the Forum speakers

3. Mentioning of the Forum by journalists and experts on international channels


  • 17,000 mentions of the Forum during the work on the Forum, 20% of publications gained more than 150 reactions in social networks.
  • 1800 mentions of the Forum in the media, of which 600 are dedicated exclusively to the Forum and its content.
  • 15 publications in foreign media.
  • 240 accredited Ukrainian journalists from 70 leading Ukrainian media attended the event.
  • Journalists from 15 leading foreign media attended the Forum.
  • 8 channels and 2 online media broadcasted live from the Forum.
  • 30 interviews with foreign speakers were recorded during the Forum.
  • 6 printed special issues were created in partnership with leading media.
  • 3 special projects for online media were implemented in the amount of 24 publications.
  • 12 hours of air time on the state's leading radio stations.