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Participatory Budget Festivals are held under the slogan "How to spend 150 million profitably?" Participatory Budget initiative was created to attract active citizens to participate in improving Kyiv.

Situation: Every year the number of complaints against Kyiv City State Administration from city residents increased. The people of Kyiv tried to express their thoughts as actively as possible through pickets, loud statements in articles and comments on social networks about unsatisfactory living conditions in the capital of Ukraine, believing that the budget gets spent where it should not be spend.

The importance of launching such a project is based on the fact that every resident of Kyiv can personally participate, both by proposing their projects and by voting for the ones they like.

The development of Participatory Budget project is one of the areas of work of Kyiv City State Administration to attract public attention to improving the city's condition and to involve Kyiv residents in participation.

PB-fest was launched in 2017 and was held at the Ukrainian House. As a result of the event, within the framework of Participatory Budget, 93 projects won, for which more than 131 thousand Kyiv citizens voted. According to general estimates, a total of 809 projects were submitted, and the total number of voting citizens was 444 thousand people. And Kyiv City State Administration allocated UAH 100 million for the implementation of PB-fest projects.

Task: Bringing the project to life in 2017, the main task was to show the people of Kyiv that this project can be trusted, since there were no such projects before. A review in 2017 showed that people are worried about what is happening in Kyiv, it is important to understand how the city will develop further and at what pace. The first projects were successfully implemented at the end of 2016.

In 2018, a goal was set not only to increase the performance of the last year's PB-fest, but also to attract the attention of a larger number of the public, motivating citizens to vote for the best projects to improve the city, as well as personally submit their projects within the framework of Participatory Budget.

Solution: Organization of events in the city of Kyiv from August 24 to September 15. Several communication channels were chosen for the implementation of this project.

1. Direct communication with potential project participants.

2. Outdoor advertising in banner and 3D formats for greater coverage of an audience of different ages and interests.

3. SMM to attract an audience of 18-25 years old, living in Kyiv.

Result: PB-fest 2018 entered the Ukrainian Book of Records in the category "Mass Events".