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Character is a success

Character is a success

Anastasia Magonova shared her own rules on how to temper character in a column on

How many times have you been told in your childhood that "he who would catch fish must not mind getting wet", that dexterity is half the battle, that the road to the goal is never short and primitively simple and that success depends on a steely character and a strong will?

However, most young businessmen believe they possess exceptional qualities and expect to succeed through talent. Their beginnings are accompanied by a fear of mistakes, expectations for quick results and a gigabyte of motivational video courses.

Let me tell you why it is firmness of character, not IQ or capabilities, that determines the success.

Today I am the owner of two narrow-profile businesses.

Communication agency Magonova & Partners has 30 highly qualified employees and works with 100+ clients in the government and energy sectors.

Kosatka.Media is the first energy media source with 100% of women in the team. In two years the site traffic has grown from zero to 120K readers per month.

But it was not always this way. It is impossible to become a successful entrepreneur just relying on the "golden head and the gift of God".

I will carry myself to my childhood. I grew up above the Arctic Circle. Permanent winter builds character. Does the wind knock you off your feet? Get up and go. Do you look dull in the morning into the darkness of the Polar night? Get up and go! Are your toes frozen? Run! The Northern Hemisphere makes us to survive not in social circles, but in the human race. That is why, after moving to Ukraine, I could not understand, and I still do not, why I have to be liked by everyone and why there is so much unjustified drama around? Lightness is not about my character. Carelessness is also not about my character.

Let me tell you a little about my experience.

As a child, I sold everything that brought a small coin: caps, gum candy wrappers, bracelets made of beads and threads.

At the age of 14, I proudly started my work in the Cherkassy Regional State Administration. I rushed through the floors with documents for signature, produced tons of waste paper on a typewriter, filled in tables, rearranged folders. It was a fun experience permeated with curiosity about bureaucracy.

At 21, I worked for an energy company and was in charge of corporate communications and media relations. I had no experience in the energy sector before that. Therefore, at nights I devoured information about world resources and rules of the market.

At 25, I was the head of the headquarter of two election campaigns, carried out communication campaigns in the energy sector, coordinated the press for state structures. A school of so called "mess and muddle." I had to learn how to subdue chaos and to shape actions out of it. I ran election campaign at all levels. Everything changed daily, and by the end of the pre-election race - every hour.

Well, today, at the age of 30, I have two businesses, a stack of responsibilities, and the most important - my pack.

What does pack mean? The word in its inner form takes us back to the North. The pack means your people - responsible, strong in spirit, fearless. The team is an important engine of your business. If you are thin in spirit and procrastinate, forget about a strong team. I have to show perseverance and perseverance every day so that worthy people follow me. At Magonova & Partners we spend a tremendous amount of energy working 24/7. Here is the example: organization of international conferences on the same day in different parts of the world. A team not interested in work would never have mastered it, but my pack have mastered it. Large-scale projects confront us with fear, fatigue and chaos. However, fighting to the bitter end with an unshakable thirst for learning and experience is the thing that should characterize your pack.

A tempered character develops your business acumen. The perception of the scale of business problems is sharpened, the ability to understand the complexity and uncertain future develops, awareness of the consequences of choice for all involved parties appears, intuition on the real deal appears as well. An example from my life. I am not an expert on the energy market, but I know how to find professionals and to start media. I was persistent in finding the right people, with burning eyes and a strong character. They are the ones with me at Kosatka.Media.

During my professional career I came to the conclusion that in moments when motivation subsides and self-control vanishes, it is the firmness of character that comes to the fore and helps to achieve long-term but not abstract goals.

I have five rules for tempering the character:

No. 1 Develop healthy self-esteem without extremes, close to objective one. If you doubt yourself, you will constantly give up and give way to manipulation.

No. 2 Understand your own life attitudes and guidelines. The most painful but effective way, I think. You will have to analyze your own mistakes and be ready to make your life turn around 180 degrees.

No. 3 Find the right hobby. My hobby is Thai boxing. An adrenaline rush balances the state of mind and expands the boundaries of the impossible.

No. 4 Create a desired image of yourself and work on its embodiment. Just do not fix on the creation of your image, it is enough just to understand what you are doing. In fact, your task is to become the one you want, right now. That is, if your dream is to become a confident and a strong person, with a decisive and tough character, then there is no point to wait when you become one in some evolutionary way. Be the one now.

No. 5 Surround yourself with examples. The saying "you live and learn from those you live with" works. A person learns in the fastest way when he/she repeats after another person, even unconsciously. The more people with a strong character are in your environment, the more features of their behavior are transferred to you during communication and joint activities. You don't even have to do anything consciously, changing your character to a tougher one will work out by itself, the main thing is to find a proper environment.  

The path of transforming oneself into a strong personality is the path of endless committing and correcting mistakes. That is is why deciding on it is much more difficult than coming up with an excuse for all your flaws.

Working with government structures literally forced me to reconsider my self-esteem, respect the pack and myself, and refuse boorish clients.

At the SHE CONGRESS conference I will convince you that fear makes no sense. After all, it is always in the future. I will speak on how I learned to respect myself, to build boundaries and to find my people. I will show you by examples how a “victim” position worked against me and what fuck.