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Working in the public sector is an ongoing conflict of interest

A (PR) specialist must always take into account conflicts of interest. Otherwise, he will not be able to fulfill his duties. But, contrary to the popular myth, GR rarely uses compromising evidence against opponents. Such methods are used less and less.

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Comparable with biblical motives, a press tour has but one goal – it aims to prove the existence. The existence of what is written in press releases: new technology, eco-friendly manufacturing, social philosophy, investment transactions with international players and other delights of industrial life.

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What data do the politicians take as a basis for making a decision?

What happens when a separate individual gets into a position with colossal power, workload, and responsibility? When, for example, he goes from а COO position from business to politics, or at one point moves from the middle tier of politicians to the big league. What is the first transformation that is added to the new status?

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Government relations: my mistakes and learnings

A couple of generations of deputies, ministers and presidents has changed before Anastasia Magonova's eyes. PR tools changed also. Hit pieces were mixed up with digital. Anastasia tells us about this and other things in her column on

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