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Why is the infographic so useful?

Infographic is a visual, schematic illustration of information for readers to understand it faster and more easily. It is used when it is necessary to explain voluminous and complex material.

The method has been used since ancient times. Drawings on rocks, medieval sky maps, signed anatomical illustrations, diagrams developed in the 19th century – all these may be considered as first attempts of creating infographics. This method is actively used in areas where schematization of material is required: journalism, advertising, statistics, science.

Gradually, infographics began to transform from an information tool into an advertising tool. Companies started to send journalists pictures with explanations instead of texts, and media overloaded with information was pleased to publish excellent visual content.

The principal value of such format is that a lot of important, useful, but mostly dry and dull information is presented in the most concise, convenient and exciting way.

Such a tool can be both beautiful and useful. However, only if the work is done well. Magonova & Partners cannot do otherwise.

Here is our algorithm while creating infographics:

  1. We define goals and objectives.

  2. We collect, analyze and process information.

  3. We choose theses according to the goals.

  4. We write and edit text-basis of infographics.

  5. We determine the structure and color, taking into account mass psychology and world trends.

  6. We create infographics.

  7. We facilitate a focus group on readability of infographics.

  8. Finally, we choose the communication channels.

How helpful may infographics be?

USA TODAY was one of the first to combine text and infographics. A few years later, the newspaper’s name was included in the top-5 most popular media. Most of all, readers of this newspaper were interested in colorful pictures with explanatory comments.

Why did infographics make USA TODAY so popular?

It's simple: readers immediately received all the essential information. They did not have to look for the primary data and theses in the text. Everything was “slice and dice”.

Infographics will help you to gain or strengthen the expert’s reputation. It will be informative and entertaining content for your potential clients. You will be able to conduct research, represent its results, draw up algorithms, maps, and other visual materials.

Magonova & Partners will represent any process with maximum results.