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A press tour is a PR tool that allows you to competently and efficiently convey the necessary information to the target audience.

  • When do we organize a press tour?

We offer our clients to hold press tours when a company enters into new agreements, receives investments, launches new facilities or implements innovative technologies in production.

  • Why a press tour?

A press tour is considered to be one of the most effective PR-activities, which results for the company in a number of objective publications and videos. Such PR event will give the journalists access to the industrial facility and show the company from the inside. The media will also have an opportunity to ask the company’s top management questions and communicate informal.

The process of organizing a press tour consists of 3 stages: preparation, holding of the event and the final step.

  • How does Magonova & Partners conduct press tours?

  1. We define goals and objectives, formulate the desired result.

  2. We conduct media monitoring to study theses of the company and information about the company; create the media "portrait,” analyze the information flow, assess the public resonance of a particular action (attitude towards the company, evaluation of the socio-political tension), track the activities of other organizations, collect data (content analysis, discourse analysis, etc.).

  3. We write a thesis program for the press tour. Based on this, we form a database of specialized journalists and, if necessary, attract foreign media.

  4. We make press releases and collect all the information the journalists require during the press tour into one set – a press kit.

  5. We carry out the technical organization (invitation, transfers, accommodation), we invite translators and photographers. With the help of corporate sources, we cover information about the press tour on social networks.

  6. On the day of the press conference we attract opinion leaders and experts, conduct a tour to the industrial facility for journalists, organize interviews, and a press conference with the company’s leaders.

  7. We monitor post-releases, news, information materials from media and opinion leaders. After the press tour, we analyze theses and coverage, and assess the press tour’s impact on the company's image and reputation.

  8. We pass our recommendations to the client.

Magonova & Partners successfully conducted press tours to Slavyanska TPP for Donbasenergo, to Odessa Port Plant for Energy Resources of Ukraine, and Allseeds plant for Diligent Capital Partners investment fund.