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Media analysis is an indispensable tool for evaluating PR activities. Timely media analysis makes it possible to navigate the information field of your company and the situation in the industry as a whole.

When is media monitoring necessary?

Media monitoring is needed when important events take place in the company. For instance, you are going to enter a new market, launch a product or service, rebrand, make personnel changes, enter into investment deals, change the field of activity. Media monitoring will help you choose the most successful theses and options for their dissemination.

The service "Monitoring and Analysis of Mass Media", provided by Magonova & Partners, will help you navigate the huge amount of information and get its structured analysis.

As part of media analysis, we offer:

🔷 Reputation audit and analysis of PR-activity of your company or competing companies;

🔷 Evaluation of the success of a PR campaign, analysis of media value based on the results of a project or campaign, as well as general media coverage, number and rating of media, news feeds. The analysis of the media adherence index, key messages, media space quality, engagement and support index are carried out.

🔷 Market and industry opinion leaders research.

We work with the press, radio, TV, foreign media, internet media, social networks. Magonova & Partners conducts media analysis anywhere in the world.